Suprakash Chaki
Singer, Lyricist & Composer
Suprakash Chaki
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Suprakash Chaki is gifted with a melodious voice and has a classical training along with the feeling of a true artiste. All these factors were vital in lending great charm to his recital. Among the modern songs the most impressive were ‘Eshona nutan jagot gori’, ‘Alo-aandharer shathei’, ‘Tomar o chokhhe’, ‘Akash jakhon natun ronge shaaje’ etc. The artiste is more appealed for raga sangeet. Particular mention may be made of ‘Tomari binar’ replete with the shooting touch of the raga Desi.

    He has already proved his mettle as a sparkling star in the field of Bengali songs. His sober approach replete with melodious voice has won the appreciation of the discerning listeners
all over India. The artiste in him is revealed mere in the romantic lyric ‘Bhalobasha biliye dite’ written by Khitish Santra. The other one ‘Manikmoti’ written by Panchanan Das is appealing for simplicity of approach. Suprakash has also tuned the puja-songs of Leena Ghatok and Babul Saha and also for the renowed persons. He proved his worth as the affiliated composer and lyricist of Television and Akashbani and trainer of Jadavpur University and Banichakra.
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